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About Designlab

Designlab is an online platform for expert-driven creative skills education. Students learn design skills through online courses with hands-on projects, live 1-on-1 mentorship from top designers, and community interaction. We’re building a cutting-edge educational experience that provides the rigor and outcomes of offline courses, with the flexibility of an online platform.

Thousands of students have taken our courses, with 5-star reviews on sites like Course Report and SwitchUp. UX Academy graduates have been hired at leading companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, and more. Our mentor network is the largest community of design mentors in the industry, with more than 500 designers, many from companies like Airbnb and Dropbox. Designlab is supported by a great mix of institutional and angel investors, including University Ventures, Forefront Venture Partners, Techstars, Andrew Kortina (co-founder of Venmo), and more.

🎯 Why Work at Designlab

We have an insanely passionate community of 100,000+ aspiring designers, students, and mentors

Our community is pulling our product roadmap and vision in bold, exciting directions.

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The design and creative space are exploding with innovation

We are aligned on the purpose of helping designers grow and succeed in design careers. The design space moves fast, is exploding with innovation, and we want to keep designers on the vanguard.

The world of education is changing incredibly quickly

Trends in education are changing fast - career switching, lifelong learning, and community-based experiences are rapidly becoming the norm. We're building a new category of educational institution that flips traditional disjointed approaches on their side. We launched the first online design bootcamp — now, we're thinking beyond the bootcamp and expect to launch a range of rigorous, community-driven offerings for folks in the creative space.

We're rapidly growing and profitable

We're largely bootstrapped - which means we've flown under the radar and have been intensely focused on serving our student and mentor community. Our team has grown from 15 to 30+ in the last 12 months, and we have an extended mentor base of over 500 top designers.

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