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Our mission is to empower creators.

Designlab offers mentor-led, online design education with a focus on quality and outcomes. We believe that creativity, lifelong learning, and passion for your work are more important than ever; while crippling student debt, unfulfilling jobs, and unsatisfying careers have no place. By combining the power of the internet with the magic of 1-on-1 mentoring, we’re creating a new educational experience that is affordable and accessible worldwide.

Teach design through hands-on projects and 1:1 mentoring

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Make money by giving back. Share your knowledge and experience through video calls and online feedback.

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Connect with designers from top startups, agencies and design schools. Gain access to exclusive events & opportunities.

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Work with amazing students from around the world. Meet entrepreneurs, developers, artists and more.

How mentoring works

Designlab’s courses focus on web, UX and UI design. You can choose which ones to make yourself available for, and how many students you’re able to accommodate at once.

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Online written feedback

Students upload completed assignments to the Designlab platform. As a mentor, you leave constructive, actionable feedback as written comments within 24 hours. This allows your students to iterate on their work and improve.

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Weekly video call

Each student meets with their mentor once a week in order to discuss their work in depth, ask questions, and get technical help. We recommend budgeting a total of 2 hours per student per week, including this call.

What our mentors say

Designlab is home to a globally distributed community of mentors, with a range of backgrounds, jobs, and expertise. Mentors typically stay on board because they enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their students learn, grow, and often successfully switch to a creative career.

What I love the most about mentoring in UX Academy is the impact I’m having in the industry. With students from all over the world, each with their own story and background, we are responsible for helping them not only be great UX Designers but also having a career they are satisfied with. The program that Designlab offers is very complete and thorough.

Sara Vilas Santiago

Sara Vilas Santiago


Mentor since 2016

Working with students allows me to accrue industry knowledge faster than ever. Combined with my own professional experience from the past decade, I’m doing exactly what I set out to do when I joined Designlab, to give back to the industry. Not only am I helping and pushing students to realize their fullest potential, they humble me by showing me courage and determination on a daily basis. Truly grateful for this experience.

Sandy Chen

Sandy Chen

Freelance Creative Director / Owner

Mentor since 2016

I love people, and mentoring affords me the opportunity to connect with and learn from others while sharing my experience and perspectives on design. Win win.

Matt Farley

Matt Farley


Mentor since 2015

We have hundreds of top designers from around the world

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Become a Designlab mentor in just 3 steps

step 1: application

Fill out the application

Tell us about your professional experience and mentoring preferences to help us see if you’re a fit for the Designlab community. Note that a portfolio link is required. (10-15 minutes)

step 2: assessment

Complete the assessment

Mentor quality is crucial to positive outcomes for students. After reviewing your application, we’ll send you a short assignment to assess your communication skills. (30-60 minutes)

step 3: start mentoring

Start mentoring!

If your assessment is successful, we’ll invite you to join our mentor community. You’ll have some time for onboarding before being assigned your first student!

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