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What students are saying

I would not trade in my experiences with UX Academy for anything. I met so many different people all around the world and was able to pick up concepts so quickly and easily.

Puja Patel Design Student

Puja Patel

UX Academy Student

Enrolling in UX Academy has been the best decision I have made in a very long time.

Anna Lee Design Student

Anna Lee

UX Academy Student

As a product director, I work with 5+ designers, and my ability to connect with them was seriously upped by doing Designlab. I'd love to take part in your future courses.

Raj Gokal Design Student

Raj Gokal

Design 101 Student

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Course Report

Course Report

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (100+ reviews)

The cost of this course is phenomenal vis a vis to what I've learned and covered in just four weeks.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (100+ reviews)

Interactive Design Learning Experience Second to None.

UX Booth

UX Booth

Designlab provides a solid learning tool, with a vetted curriculum, and a 1-on-1 element missing in many other online learning platforms.

UX Mastery

UX Mastery

This course really kicks ass.


Krisztina Szerovay

Imagine that your mentor's UX knowledge and experience inside her/his head is a huge picture, and you can zoom-in to any part of it!

UX Academy Success Stories

Each month, we interview one of our UX Academy graduates and find out how they're getting on in their new career.

Wendy Pei Design Student

Wendy Pei

Wendy Pei's journey into UX started out in customer service, and then freelance visual design. After joining and graduating from the first cohort of UX Academy, she landed a position as Product Designer at Microsoft.

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Celeste North Design Student

Celeste North

Meet Celeste North, a UX Academy graduate who made the transition from a job as Country Manager for MUBI to become a UX Designer with Backbase, based in Amsterdam.

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Sammy de Joya Design Student

Sammy de Joya

Sammy de Joya, another UX Academy success story who successfully made the switch from a career in biosciences, landed a job as Junior UI Designer at Comrade couple of weeks before she finished her studies at Designlab.

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Students love the 1-on-1 mentorship

One-on-one Illustration

I loved Designlab so much! It was extremely affordable- especially compared to the other options for UX courses on the market! It allowed me to be flexible, the lessons were concise, and the projects were very well explained. My mentor was the best part! It was so valuable to be able to pick his brain about UX.

Courtney Mahon Design Student

Courtney Mahon

Interaction Design Student

Chris has been a brilliant mentor! Always gave constructive feedback that enabled me to refine and improve my submissions and I have learned and taken so much from each of the weekly mentor sessions. Top notch!

Danny Watchorn Design Student

Danny Watchorn

Interaction Design Student

Dhaval was an excellent Design 101 mentor. He consistently gave me strong feedback on my projects, which helped me greatly improve the quality of my work and my confidence. He also helped me to understand the field of UX design more generally. I am grateful for all the knowledge and insights that he shared with me.

Miranda Neerhof Design Student

Miranda Neerhof

Design 101 Student

My experience with my mentor was amazing. He gave great feedback, and it was very concrete and specific. He didn't just give vague commentary. I have improved so much in these past four weeks. I would highly recommend Designlab!

Paula D'Ambrosa Design Student

Paula D'Ambrosa

Design 101 Student

Hands-on projects help students excel

Hands-On Projects Illustration Of Users Scrolling

I already put my work on Facebook, showing my initial and final website design. Very powerful difference!

Roz Beste Design Student

Roz Beste

Design 101 Student

The projects were constructive and made me think like a web designer, the units were well structured, the content was very relevant, and the individual mentoring helped answer a lot of my questions about the industry and design process. Felt like a very well rounded introductory course. Loved it!

Amy Mohr Design Student

Amy Mohr

Design 101 Student

I came into this course (x3 courses) expecting to get a general idea of good design and how to go about it. Now as I am wrapping up my final projects and looking back over this past month I see that I have something of a road map for future design projects and a decent handle on the critical do's and don'ts of the trade.

Logan Williams Design Student

Logan Williams

Design 101 Student

As a current print designer looking to advance my career, this course was exactly what I needed to learn (that I was missing from my 9-5). I can't tell you how many times I've put this stuff into practice already.

Emma Kearney Design Student

Emma Kearney

Design 101 Student

Quality course materials and assignments

Quality Course Materials and Assignments Illustration

Exercises were well contextualized and organized into a sensible order. Templates made it easy to dive in. The UI and UX design *of the course* was exemplary. Overall, the strongest statement for your ability to teach design thinking was the remarkable design thinking that was evident in the course structure itself.

Mylene DiPenta Design Student

Mylene DiPenta

Design 101 Student

The content was well organized and the online interface made accomplishing the assignments easy. It was a lot more structured than I thought it would be - which was great!

Dave Schlerer Design Student

Dave Schlerer

Design 101 Student

An amazing mix of quality info and incredible course design.

Jeanette Mellinger Design Student

Jeanette Mellinger

Design 101 Student

I've tried to learn design many times, but without specific projects to try and work through and someone to give me feedback, it was really hard. Designlab has been really great because it breaks things down into bite-sized pieces and forced me to spend time on each step of the design process.

Nathan Crowther Design Student

Nathan Crowther

Design 101 Student

Mentor Testimonials

Mentor Illustration

Having a mentor was the biggest reason why I will recommend Designlab to a friend. I learned so much from Courtney about not only design but the industry and the process, things that are not discussed in a school setting most of the time. She was very valuable to me during this experience.

Haley Propes Design Student

Haley Propes

Design 101 Student

Ray was an excellent mentor, giving very detailed feedback and offering a lot of advice for both in and out of the course. I will keep referring to the materials he pointed me to, and I hope to keep him as a contact for further design career questions.

Glenn Ryan Design Student

Glenn Ryan

Design 101 Student

Allan was an amazing mentor! Not only was he super friendly, he really took the time to give me constructive feedback, as well as gave me more confidence with how to approach real life situations when it comes to UX Design. I would love to have Allan as a mentor again.

Elisa Wolfenden Design Student

Elisa Wolfenden

Design 101 Student

I can't say enough about how great the experience has been with Jen! He was the perfect match for me since he is also someone with a developer background and understands the challenges for coders to get design. Jen's strength is he helped me "See Design" by sharing his secret stash of inspiration web sites and wide assortment of design resources.

Victor Carreno Design Student

Victor Carreno

Design 101 Student

Students appreciate the speed and intensity of study

Students appreciate the speed and intensity of study Illustration

At first, it was shocking to see the amount of work put into the projects; everybody struggled to finish in time. But later we got the rhythm of the course and started to enjoy the pace!

Peter Javorkai Design Student

Peter Javorkai

UX Academy Student

It was challenging at first to get used to a different way of thinking. Coming from a science background, I was so used to there being only right and wrong answers. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Group Hangouts.

Puja Patel Design Student

Puja Patel

UX Academy Student

The 20 hour a week track ramped up very fast and was much harder than I anticipated. However, once I got into it, I started to roll along pretty easily.

Jonathan Netek Design Student

Jonathan Netek

UX Academy Student

Time was always a battle. I had few opportunities to dedicate full time to the course, and I needed every hour. I was pleased to have the coursework get stronger every week.

Chris Pastars Design Student

Chris Pastars

UX Academy Student