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Try out one of our 7-day email courses to add to your design toolbox.

Figma email course icon

Figma 101

When it comes to design software, Figma is the cool new kid on the block. It combines the simplicity of Sketch with real-time collaboration features and powerful extra tools. Even better, it runs in your web browser, meaning you can use it on any computer.

Figma email course image Sketch email course image
Sketch email course icon

Sketch 101

Since bursting onto the scene in 2010, Sketch has become an essential part of any modern UI designer’s toolkit. It's easier to use than Photoshop and Illustrator, and could help you upskill fast.

Photoshop email course icon

Photoshop 101

For nearly 30 years Photoshop has been a crucial tool for photographers and graphic designers alike. For UX and UI designers the story isn’t much different: Photoshop is still a de facto tool for many studios and agencies dealing with digital products.

Photoshop email course image Adobe XD email course image
Adobe XD email course icon

Adobe XD 101

Adobe XD is one of the many powerful apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. XD allows designers and teams to easily create experiences for websites, mobile apps, voice interfaces, games, and more.


Download one of our free ebooks to learn about design on the go.

How To Become A Designer Cover Image Small

How To Become A Designer in 2023

To help you navigate the different course options, we’ve broken down curriculum, teaching styles, prerequisites, start dates, career track vs. non-career track courses, online vs. face-to-face approaches, and mentor-led vs. instructor-led methods.

How To Become A Designer Cover Image Small What Can Today's Designers Learn From 20th Century Art Movements?

What Can Today’s Designers Learn From 20th Century Art Movements?

Take away 5 key lessons from each movement: from the Bauhaus School’s pioneering of user-centered design, from Brutalism’s emphasis on simplicity and integrity, and from Dada’s advocacy of the need for revolt.

Beginner's Guide To Product Design Cover Image

Beginner’s Guide to Product Design

New to product design? Find out what makes it such an engaging field, where we believe it’s heading in the years ahead, and how you can get started.

Beginner's Guide To Product Design Cover Image


Here are some common UX deliverables you’ll be working on throughout your career. Download files in .AI, .PSD, and Sketch formats.

Persona illustration

Persona Template

Personas are a great artifact that help you synthesize and present research findings about your target users to members on your team.

Download and start using the Persona Template file for

Empathy Map illustration

Empathy Map Template

Use an empathy map to document your understanding of a particular user and their motivations, desires, and way of thinking.

Download and start using the Empathy Map Template file for

Feature Matrix illustration

Feature Matrix Template

The feature matrix helps you prioritize product decisions, as you weigh the importance to the user vs. cost of implementation.

Download and start using the Feature Matrix Template file for


Keep these illustrations in handy next time you need a reference guide for projects you’re working on. Feel free to print them out!

Color Theory poster thumbnail

Color Theory

This poster is a quick overview of some key concepts and terms in color theory. Always nice to have a reminder!

Design Thinking poster thumbnail

Design Thinking

Save this illustration of the Design Thinking framework—or stick it up at the office to remind your team to keep the design process user-centered.

Product Development poster thumbnail

Product Development

Another process-oriented poster, this diagram outlines the concept of Validated Learning. At each stage of the product development cycle, how can you maximize your insight?

Shape Icons In Grey

More Resources coming soon!