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Our Team

We’re a distributed team of creators & doers located across the globe.

Team Member Avatar Harish Venkatesan

Harish Venkatesan


Last Skill Learned

Stand up paddleboarding โ€” my big takeaways were to balance, find momentum, and enjoy the (inevitable) falls.

Team Member Avatar Daniel Shapiro

Daniel Shapiro


Favorite Skill Learned

It's a close tie between writing DAX formulas in Power BI and properly folding a fitted sheet.

Team Member Avatar Edgar Salazar

Edgar Salazar

Software Development

Last Skill Learned

How to build my own PC and procure its components with very limited availability.

Team Member Avatar Mandy Kerr

Mandy Kerr

VP of People Ops

Favorite Skill Learned

It's a toss up between these two: adding spin to my tennis shots, or epic budget road trip planning.

Team Member Avatar Emma Shimmens

Emma Shimmens

Growth Lead

Last Skill Learned

Paddleboarding! I've wanted to have a go for so long, and absolutely loved it. A few wobbly moments, but didn't fall in!

Team Member Avatar Matt Shaw

Matt Shaw

Head of Engineering

Favorite Skill Learned

Playing guitar and creating various genres of music.

Team Member Avatar Melissa McDougall

Melissa McDougall

Customer Experience Specialist / Mentorship

Favorite Skill Learned

My favorite skill I've learned is speaking another language. I've been able to make so many impactful connections as a result of speaking more than just English and I'm grateful for that experience.

Team Member Avatar Emily Ho

Emily Ho

Community Manager

Last Skill Learned

Making small animations in Figma using interactive components!

Team Member Avatar Emilyann Gachko

Emilyann Gachko

Senior Admissions Coordinator

Favorite Skill Learned

My favorite learned skill (and one I continue to learn more about!) is training horses. Every horse is different, so there's always something new to experience.

Team Member Avatar Chris Ohman

Chris Ohman

Senior BizOps Specialist

Last Skill Learned

The art of long-haul roadtripping.

Team Member Avatar Timothy Moore

Timothy Moore

Learning Experience Designer

Favorite Skill Learned

Architectural drafting and sketching.

Team Member Avatar Crystal Campbell

Crystal Campbell

Mentor Experience Lead

Last Skill Learned


Team Member Avatar Zeynep Ozkasim

Zeynep Ozkasim

Customer Experience Lead

Favorite Skill Learned

Soccer - I can bounce the ball a lot :)

Team Member Avatar Nicola Bolton

Nicola Bolton

UI Developer

Last Skill Learned

How to draw characters realistically in the hope that one day I will create a children's storybook.

Team Member Avatar Joseph Cane

Joseph Cane

Customer Experience Specialist / Ops

Favorite Skill Learned

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - the first skill that I learned that allowed me to combine my love for art and tech.

Team Member Avatar Rudi Goddard

Rudi Goddard

Senior Admissions Coordinator

Last Skill Learned

I recently learned how to read the Georgian alphabet, which is unique compared to any other writing system in the world.

Team Member Avatar Katie Prutzman

Katie Prutzman

Customer Experience Specialist / Student Relations

Last Skill Learned

How to add lighting effects to illustrations in Procreate and how to make milk foam tea at home.

Team Member Avatar Claire You

Claire You

Customer Experience Specialist / Career Services

Favorite Skill Learned

Choreographing dance! Organizing bodies and movement in space teaches me to think decisively yet infinitely.

Team Member Avatar Alejo Rodriguez

Alejo Rodriguez

Full Stack Engineer

Last Skill Learned

I recently picked up gardening as a hobby!

Team Member Avatar Sara Sibylle

Sara Sibylle

Learning Content Creator

Favorite Skill Learned

How to build a PC - It's problem solving, patience and having a customized work/game system that meets my needs all rolled into one.

Team Member Avatar Ogonnaya Oshagbemi

Ogonnaya Oshagbemi

Senior Product Designer

Last Skill Learned

How to make ratatouille

Team Member Avatar Jess Shimmens

Jess Shimmens

Customer Experience Specialist

Favorite Skill Learned

My Montessori qualification, it enabled me to support children as they learn through real life experiences.

Team Member Avatar Danielle Abt

Danielle Abt

Growth Marketer

Last Skill Learned

How to properly score a baseball game. There are so many stats collected for hitting, fielding, and pitching and as the team mom/manager for my son's travel baseball team I help compile them for the coaches.

Team Member Avatar Ashish Gupta

Ashish Gupta

Digital Marketer

Favorite Skill Learned

Planning value for money trips with travel hacks, wonderful stays and unique experiences

Team Member Avatar Maria Myre

Maria Myre

SEO Specialist

Last Skill Learned

How to tap maple and birch trees and collect the sap to make syrup. Yum.

Team Member Avatar Glen Cook

Glen Cook

Admissions Coordinator

Favorite Skill Learned

My favorite skill is cooking! The ability to prepare meals for the people I love has always meant the world to me.

Team Member Avatar Danny Loss

Danny Loss

Customer Experience Specialist

Favorite Skill Learned

Learning to paint miniature models - it's helped me learn patience with myself, lets me relax with a quiet activity, and brings me joy to see the progress I've made, even in a short time!

Team Member Avatar Bobby Glover

Bobby Glover

Admissions Coordinator

Favorite Skill Learned

"The Pomodoro Technique!" This skill enables me to focus on a specific task for 25 minutes at a time. Immediately afterwards, I spend 5 minutes listening to Stevie Nicks! :)

Team Member Avatar Hillary Thelin

Hillary Thelin

Customer Experience Specialist

Favorite Skill Learned

Sidereal Astrology: I now have a deeper understanding of myself, my relationships, and the world. Plus it's really fun!

Team Member Avatar Orla Williams

Orla Williams

Learning Experience Design Lead

Favorite Skill Learned

Chess! I'm not an expert by any means, but it was a hard skill to learn and it felt great when I won my first game.

Team Member Avatar Cam Lay

Cam Lay

VP of Growth

Favorite Skill Learned

I learned guitar as an adult and it was so satisfying to go from the extreme difficulty of being a beginner to (after much struggle) being able to play.

Team Member Avatar Chadwick Smith

Chadwick Smith

Instructional Designer

Favorite Skill Learned

Tough question! I'll have to go with the thing that has had the widest-reaching effect on me: becoming fluent in German (and that acquiring this skill entailed).

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Jeanmarie Levy UX Designer At Code For America

Jeanmarie Levy

UX Designer at Code For America

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Student Avatar Emily Pak

Emily Pak

UX Designer at Amazon

“The fast pace of UX Academy definitely mimics the deadlines of the real design world.”

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Rachel Carton

UX Designer at Microsoft

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Erik Gartzke

UX Designer at SpaceCAMP

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Alvin Kuang

Product Designer at Glassdoor

“My career coach offered me so much advice and perspectives that I would otherwise be unaware about.”

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Hannah Cunningham Product Designer Royal Caribbean Cruises

Hannah Cunningham

Product Designer at Royal Caribbean Cruises

“I really think I learned more in UX Academy than I did my entire four years of business school.”

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Student Avatar Carlos

Carlos Castro

UX Designer at American Express

“My mentor 1-on-1s helped me to remain open to criticism and to iterate constantly.”

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