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“It was an absolute privilege to be mentored by Chris in Phase 2 of UX Academy. Chris takes out the time to give detailed, actionable feedback and genuinely wants to see students grow as designers. He is easy to talk to and accommodating to students' goals and interests. This gave me an opportunity to explore different domains for Capstones and tailor my portfolio to my individual interests. I found him to be truly invested in helping me get the best out of the course. Our mentor sessions were a great learning experience. Two of my Capstones were real-client undertakings and took far longer than expected to complete. There were times I struggled with confidence and staying motivated. Chris was extremely encouraging and provided valuable guidance every step of the way. With his diverse knowledge and years of experience, he provides great advice on how to manage client expectations, while making the best design decisions for the situation. I recently started working full-time as a designer and I find myself applying a lot of his advice. Chris went beyond what was expected from the Designlab curriculum and helped me understand the industry. Being mentored by Chris has been pivotal to my design journey.”

- Rhea A, UX Academy

“Chris is such an amazing mentor and individual! I'm grateful to have had him as my mentor for both Foundations and UXA. He goes above and beyond to help his students with such helpful feedback and insight. I learned so much about the ins and outs of UX through Chris and more importantly, I felt very comfortable going to him for advice. I appreciate you, Chris!”

- Yuko S, UX Academy

“I couldn't have asked for a better mentor! Chris was flexible and provided really insightful feedback. He was willing to listen to my reasoning behind making certain design decisions and was always supportive of my choices. I really enjoyed working with Chris and am extremely grateful for all of his help and guidance!”

- Kellie M, UI Design

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